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Holy Week Devotionals | April 13

Be encouraged through our final Holy Week Devotional.  Watch the devotional on our YouTube channel.

Monday, April 13 – Luke 24.36-48

After His resurrection Jesus will appear to the disciples and many others over a period of 40 days.  In today’s reading, we find Jesus coming to stand in the midst of the 11 disciples as two other disciples, including Cleopas were sharing about Jesus appearing to them.  The disciples thought they were seeing a spirit/ghost; that is why Jesus says, Peace be to you; He didn’t want them to be frightened.  They doubted whether this was really Jesus.  So, Jesus shows them His scars from the cross as He wants to meet their need, so that they will believe it is Him.  This was really Jesus in the flesh.  Besides showing them His scars He also spoke to them and ate with them showing that He was not just a spirit, but truly the Risen Jesus in the flesh.

We wake up on this Monday morning and Holy Week has ended, Easter is over and we continue with being sheltered in place.  There are 3 words I want to encourage you today and this week from this post-resurrection encounter Jesus has:


PEACE.  Jesus gives a peace like no other.  The world will offer peace of mind in good circumstances and will seek to take our troubles away through life insurance, retirement accounts and stimulus checks – which are all good and can give peace of mind.  But Jesus says in John 16.33, “I have spoken these things to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation/troubles, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”  Jesus shows the disciples His wounds in His hands and feet and that is a display of the peace that He has purchased for us, peace with God.  We can receive that peace by faith. 

PURPOSE.  Jesus opened their minds to the scriptures…24.46-48…The disciples were witnesses of all of this, now they are to proclaim what they have seen and heard to the nations.  Let us be reminded during this season that we have the same purpose – to witness to our neighbors, friends, family, co-workers of the Risen Savior who offers peace like no other.

POWER. Jesus doesn’t leave us powerless.  Followers of Jesus have received the power of the Holy Spirit dwells in them, the same power that raised Jesus from the growth. 

You have a peace, a purpose and a power like no other.