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New Here

New Here

We are excited to offer this online resource, Ridge at Home.  It hosts all of our gatherings for our ministries online plus other information.  We believe it is important during this time to be connected as a church family, whether we are online or in-person and as individual families.  We believe Ridge at Home resource will help with that.

Worship Gathering: Sermon and Questions
We will have the sermon posted at 10AM to our YouTube page on Sunday morning.

Resurrender: Make Jesus Known | 1.16.2022
Sermon Discussion Questions:

Read: Mark 6.1-14

1. What did Jesus have the disciples do in this passage? Why do you think He sent them out in pairs? What were the benefits of this method? How can we follow this principle today?

2. What instructions did He give them? Why did He tell them NOT to take these things (6.8-9)? How can we apply this principle today?

3. What message were they sent to share (6.12)?

4. What impact did they have (6.14)?

5. As followers, what is our mission in life?


  • Children's Online Experience - Erica is so excited to provide your kids an experience, they can use to continue to learn & grow deeper in The Lord. This week we are talking about God's Love. The Bible Story will be The Parable of The Prodigal Son. Click here to join in the fun
  • Student's Online Experience - Vince is excited to announce that we are continuing to have FUEL & ARISE through our online experience! We want to create an opportunity for you to continue to grow in your faith with us by joining us on: YouTube Facebook Instagram
  • Events: All activities and gatherings that take place at the church are being held online until further notice.
  • LIFEgroups: LIFEgroup meetings are being held on line.  For information about groups, click here. If you have questions, contact Ysavel Medina.


  • Website: Go to the Giving page 
  • Text: To participate, text “Ridge and your gift amount" to 73256. For example, a text of “Ridge$100” would send a donation of $100 to our general fund.
  • Mail: You are welcome to mail checks to The Ridge Church, 4561 N Josey Ln, Carrollton TX 75010.
  • Your Bank: Setup The Ridge Church with the above address as one of your bank's online payees.


  • Thank you for visiting our online gathering.  We do ask a favor of you, please take a moment and fill out a welcome card.  We would like to drop you a note with a little more information about The Ridge.