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Jonah: God's Glory and His Love For Us

September 7, 2014 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Jonah

Topic: Glory of God Passage: Jonah 1:4–1:17

Jonah 1.4-17: It is all about God, His glory and His love. That is where my thoughts go to when I continue to read over the first chapter of Jonah. Yes there are so many life lessons to pull from this first chapter and I want to continue to do that this week, but in the context of the glory of God and His great love for us. There are going to be times in life when we walk through doors and go down paths that God does not want us to. Storms will come due to our disobedience or for other purposes, but in it all, it is still about His glory and His great love for us. Even in our shortcomings and imperfections God shows Himself to be powerful and loving to those who are lost. So, may we see this week that God is a jealous God. His desire is for the glory of His great name and our joy in living for His glory and this is love. So, in the midst of the waves and the great big fish may we see the glory of God and His love for us.

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