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Jonah: A Warning to Israel and the Church

September 28, 2014 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Jonah

Topic: Repentance Passage: Jonah 4:1–4:11

Jonah 4: Today we close out our sermon series on the book of Jonah. As we do, we come to really land on the main point. There is much to pull from this small writing, as we have seen, but as we close today we see that Jonah’s writing is a prophetic warning to Israel and the church. The nation of Israel was at ease and the prophets of the day (Hosea and Amos) were calling on the people to turn back to the one true God. If they do not the judgment of God would come at the hand of the Assyrians. Wait a second. Are not the Assyrians who Jonah is called to go and proclaim the Word of God to? So, Jonah hates the people of Nineveh and he would love to see them wiped out instead of rising up and coming after Israel one day. But God is merciful to the people of Nineveh when they repent. How much more merciful would God be to Israel if they repented? The main point is Jonah, Israel, the church today needs to repent from the religion of ease, from disobedience and specifically for us, idolatry in the form of the god of America. May we let the great Surgeon work on our heart today, even if it hurts.

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