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Life, Purpose, Mission

July 10, 2016 Speaker: Ysavel Medina Series: iWitness

Topic: Discipleship Passage: Acts 12:1–19

Today we look at a story that captivated a teenage boy. The story has everything needed to keep our attention. It has action and suspense – an arrest, a jail break via a miracle; with a villain – Herod, a hero – Peter, a super hero – God. It is a story with a little comedy and irony thrown in with a teenage girl – Rhoda and some doubting adults; with an angel thrown in for good measure.

But there is more we can take away from today’s text. We see an example of this year’s theme iWitness: Life, Purpose, Mission. A life that is about being a disciple, a mission of making disciples that ties it all back to our dear Savior bringing glory to the Great I Am.

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