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Overflowing Grace

April 9, 2017 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Alive

Topic: Grace Passage: Romans 5:20–5:21

On this Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. As Jesus entered Jerusalem it was grace that walked into the city. A city full of sin and sinners just like any other town and one filled with misdirection and false teaching was visited by the fullness of grace in the flesh. Grace would ever so increase and overflow as Jesus would be crucified on Friday and raise to life on Sunday. In our day we see the increase, power and abundance of sin, but remember “grace abounds all the more”. Sin has increased all the more and become even more blatant, but Jesus has brought the “reigning of grace through righteousness to eternal life through Himself”. That is what our focus during holy week is about, as we celebrate the grace of Jesus making us ALIVE!

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