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Jesus Is Lord of the Sabbath

March 18, 2018 Speaker: Matt McKinney Series: Luke: Treasuring Jesus

Topic: Rest Passage: Luke 6:1–6:11

In this text we two examples of how the Pharisees continue to come at Jesus calling Him out for “working” on the Sabbath. It is evident that Jesus saw the need in both cases for food and the need for healing. The Pharisees did not want to see the need but wanted to focus on religion. They had 39 categories of activity that were forbidden and according to them Jesus was breaking the Sabbath by healing the man’s hand and eating the harvest.

Religion and rules are exhausting, and the Pharisees had to be tired following Jesus around trying to look for His “mistakes.” As we take a deeper look today, I am hoping that we find ultimate rest in Jesus and not “rest” in a system with a bunch of categories that will leave us exhausted.  Do you believe God is your healer, is He enough for you, is He all you need??? What are you trying to find REST in?

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