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Jesus, God's Plan For Broken Lives

April 29, 2018 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Luke: Treasuring Jesus

Topic: Kingdom of God Passage: Luke 7:18–8:3

Luke 7.18-8.3:  We all are broken.  We may not like to admit that and we may think we are, but not as broken as some others are.  Whatever the case we are all broken.  God’s plan to address our brokenness is unlike any other attempt that all the religions and philosophies of the world try to come up with.  God’s plan is Jesus alone.  Luke writes his gospel so that we would know that exact truth.  He wants us to know who Jesus is and that He came to forgive us of our sin.  He has come to heal our broken lives.  This is God’s plan and the question is whether we accept it or not.  Jesus is God’s plan for broken lives.

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