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Hearing the Word of God

May 6, 2018 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Luke: Treasuring Jesus

Topic: Hearing and Listening Passage: Luke 8:1–8:21

Luke 8.1-21: When signing up for courses whether in high school or in college have you ever seen a class on listening?  Of course not.  But you see classes on communications and public speaking.  Speaking and communicating is what we do.  From emails, to Facebook, Twitter and other social outlets we communicate.  But Jesus wants us to listen.  Sure He wants us to speak and communicate too, but before He tells us to go and speak He tells us to listen to His Word.  In fact, listening or hearing the Word of God is crucial in the Kingdom of God.  In today’s scripture text, Jesus focuses in on that through two parables and the significance of what we do with what we hear.  We must take what we have heard and obey it and then proclaim it.  This is key to the kingdom of God and those who do it are truly God’s family.   

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