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The Glorious Son of God

June 10, 2018 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Luke: Treasuring Jesus

Topic: Glory of God Passage: Luke 9:28–9:45

Luke 9.28-45: Have you ever driven out West toward New Mexico and Colorado?  When you do you go from the flat lands of Texas to the glorious mountains and especially as you hit The Rockies.  I love when the snow-capped mountains come in view.  It is breathtaking.  You could say that is the experience that three of Jesus’ disciples had when they were up on a mountain with Jesus.  In what is known as the Transfiguration, we have the climatic event that declares the identity of Jesus.  Jesus is the glorious Son of God and has not just stayed up on the mountain, but has come down to the foot of the mountain to help people and He will do this ultimately through His death and resurrection.  His disciples did not fully get what was going on and who He was as there was a messianic and suffering mystery still present among them.  What about us?  Do we know Jesus for who He truly is today?  I pray we do and are encouraged in this breathtaking look at scripture.

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