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Don't Quit, Don't Give Up

August 26, 2018 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Luke: Treasuring Jesus

Topic: Discipleship Passage: Luke 14:25–14:35

Luke 14.25-35: Christians are not to be quitters.  Our culture is full of those who quit, bail on things and give up.  My oldest son this Summer tasted the reality of this when he played on a basketball team that won a couple of games, but were handed some big defeats too and the boys decided to quit showing up.  The coach threw in the towel too.  It was very disappointing, especially at the last game when my son was the only one there from the team at all.  The Christian life is hard and at times lonely.  It would be really easy to throw in the towel.  Too many do that today, quitting on marriages, children, churches and Jesus.  Today’s culture, even church culture is very consumer minded and if you don’t like something or something doesn’t give you what you want you move on to something else.  Discipleship is different.  Jesus paints a picture of a disciple in today’s text and it is one that does not quit or give up.        

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