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The Prodigal Son

September 9, 2018 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Luke: Treasuring Jesus

Topic: Mission of God Passage: Luke 15:11–15:32

Luke 15.11-32: This week we look at the last parable of the trilogy found in Luke 15.  It is traditionally referred to as the parable of the prodigal son.  If we are honest with ourselves we are all the prodigal.  We all have eyes for the distant land.  The question for us all is do we ever come home?  The prodigal finally comes home and he finds the compassionate embrace of his Father.  This is why Jesus came and why He sits and eats with sinners.  The religious crew does not like this and they are portrayed by the older son in the story.  Let us not be given to the ways of the older son, but remember Jesus has called us prodigals to share the gospel with the prodigals of the world that they too might find the embrace of a loving Father.

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