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The Image of God and Work

May 12, 2019 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Designed to Work

Passage: Genesis 2:1–2:22

So, do we have a job just to have a job?  Do we get up to do our differing roles and go into the workplace just to come home with a paycheck?  No, our work and jobs are sacred – they have a holy and divine meaning.  You might ask, “how”?  Everything is grounded on God’s creation of people in His own image. All creation displays God’s design, power, and goodness, but only human beings are said to be made in God’s image.  God works in the world, He works in relationship and we have the ability to do the same.  So, what does it mean to work in God’s image?   Today, we will answer that and how God equipped Adam and Eve to work in the image of God in the garden.  Our differing roles and jobs are gifts from God and may we work in them in the image of God.  

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