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The Redeemed Are Satisfied In God Alone

May 31, 2020 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Sacred Psalms

Topic: Redemption Passage: Psalm 107:1–43

If you are seeking after happiness then your heart will never find happiness.  God desires our heart to be satisfied not in things, but in Him, the Giver of all things.  When we make our life about the pursuit of other things to satisfy then we are questioning God’s goodness, and saying that God’s goodness is not enough.  Today, we continue in the book of Psalm and we are going to look at Psalm 107, and it is a song of redeemed people who have found God alone as the satisfaction of their heart and soul.  They have learned that the temporal things of this world don’t compare to the goodness of God.  Let us find our satisfaction in God alone.

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