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Living In Grace

August 23, 2020 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Sacred Psalms

Topic: Grace Passage: Psalm 23:1–3

We are going to take the next 3 weeks to dive into Psalm 23.  There is so much here.  It is a uniquely personal psalm that speaks to us right where we are in life.  Many of us are walking the same paths, dealing with challenges, fighting some fears, but holding on to the same hope.  This psalm speaks to the journey of life.  Maybe this psalm brings up memories – maybe a grandparent’s favorite psalm, maybe you heard it read at a funeral or maybe you have it memorized.  It is a psalm that is more than just for death, but one for living.  It is a right here, right now, up close passage about you and your Shepherd.  This psalm is a psalm about grace and grace as we see here is an invitation to a way of life.

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