New Here

New Here

New Here

The Bron neighborhood church recently kicked off several ministries: 

  • Every Thursday "ping pong time" in the neighborhood for adults
  • Every other Saturday is "soccer time" with kids from the neighborhood
  • The neighborhood church had its first gathering.  Twelve adults attended in which two ladies are very close to knowing Christ as their Savior.
  • Elian, a dad who had kids at the family camp this summer who also lives next to the camp has claimed to have given his life to Christ and desires to be baptized. ( Elian is to the right of Alexi)


For the two ladies in the neighborhood church to be convinced of their sin and accept Christ as their Savior. 

For the activities, that God would protect us (the core group) as we are stepping out of the church walls.

For Elian to grow in his faith. 

For ways to support this ministry contact