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Know Truth

March 8, 2015 Speaker: Jerry Witham Series: Disciple: Be One, Make One

Topic: Truth Passage: 2 John 1:1–1:13

2 John: Truth is under attack in our culture. We live in a day which everything and anything is tolerated. Today’s age lives by the words, “what may be true for you, is not necessarily true for me.” It is a rarity to find someone today who truly believes that there is a truth for all people in all places for all times (absolute truth). We are called as believers to be those who hold to and walk according to the absolute truth of God. We are called to be truth bearers who are in the world, but not of it (John 17.14-18). We are to be discerning about the distortion of truth in our day, persevering in the truth and upholding it in our homes and spheres of influence. Today, we look at a short and heartfelt letter in 2 John that emphasizes the importance of the church preserving in truth. As we do today we look at another value that marks a disciples life – know truth.

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