March 22, 2015

The Call of Commitment

Series: Transformation Topic: Discipleship Passage: 2 Chronicles 29:1–29:11

Take a look at the life of Hezekiah, he was notable king in the life of God’s people. He grew up in a time when his nation of Judah was spiraling downward morally, thanks in part to his father. He stood his ground against the immorality, sought to please God above all, and stood strong in the face of severe opposition.

It’s through the life and example of Hezekiah that we can extract some examples and lessons that would help us in our path of being a disciple in the 21st century. Granted, none of us are leading a nation but we are leading our families, at our workplace, and on the court. In every aspect of our lives we have to continually pursue God’s plan above all, regardless of the circumstances and obstacles. For some it means continuing to press forward while for others it means repentance and turning from our sinful ways. The lessons we can glean from Hezekiah’s life are encouraging and challenging at the same time.

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