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New Here

New Here

The Look

August 9, 2015 Speaker: Ysavel Medina Series: Transformation

Topic: Revival Passage: Luke 22:60–22:62

As the Lord looked upon Peter, so Jesus looks upon you and I. He has not turned His back on you; He has not averted His gaze. He sees to the bottom of our hearts, and reads all our thoughts. You do not have to go about finding God – God is looking for you. He is within eyesight. If you are looking to Him; your eyes will meet His eyes, for Jesus is already looking upon you.

If you love God and are called according to his purpose, if you are weary of trying to do it on your own; then look to Christ for hope, and to you belongs a most wonderful promise: Jesus prays for you, and he will never let Satan destroy your faith and bring you to ruin.

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